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Now Sold!! Teagan- top quality Gypsy vanner mare in foal - In Wisconsin

Horse Details

Meet My Sweet Teagan- gorgeous Gypsy Vanner mare IN FOAL!! Located in Laona Wisconsin!!
She is a perfect example of the breed. She has a sweet temperament, gentle attitude, and relaxed calm disposition! Teagan has great Conformation- she has it all: a beautiful head that leads into a perfect neck and shoulders, not to mention her apple behind… She has a mane that reaches well past her knees, a tail that hits the ground, and excellent feathering. Teagan is heterozygous for both the tobiano and the black gene, allowing her to have foals with diverse coloring and patterns.
Teagan loves to trail ride, is fantastic with all ages of riders, has no problem with water crossing, trailering, or anything that you will see on a trail. She has been the owners main trail horses for many years now.
Teagan is triple registered with the Gypsy Horse Registry of America A00000187, with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society GV02090F1 and the Gypsy Horse Association GHA00746!
Teagan’s DOB: 5/18/2005)
Height: approximately 14 hands
Sire: North Hollow Baker (Sire: Foundation & Dam: Candy)
Dam: North Hollow Heidi (Sire: Sids Good Stallion & Dam: Foundation)
Genetic Tests
Tobiano: T/n
Agouti: a/a
Black/Red Factor: E/e
Cream: n/n
Sabino: n/n
Frame Overo: n/n
PSSM: n/n
Teagan’s 2013 foal WBF Sir Royal’s Sweet Cedric has delighted us tremendously by winning first in his class at the 2014 Gypsy World Show and in 2016 he became a National Champion!
Teagan is exposed to WHR Silky Boy Jr. (AKA Tareck) she is due the end of May 2024. The foal will be negative for PSSM1 and will be able to be double registered with the GVHS and the GHA.
Teagan is 16 k in foal 🙂 please PM for more!!

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