Info and History

About Gypsy horses- The Gypsy horse, Also known as a Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Coloured Cob, Irish Cob, or “Tinker Horse” is a breed of horse. Members of the breed are usually of Tobiano coloring and have many draft characteristics, including heavy bone, a abundant of feathering and hair. It is believed by some people that the Gypsy Cobs are descended from a combination of Shires, Clydesdales, and Dale ponies with their orgins in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Gypsy Cob was bred to be a wagon horse. These horses were bred by the Romany, and pulled wagons or “caravans” known as Vardos, which is a type of covered wagon that people lived in. They were also used as riding horses for children. Today,the Gypsy Cob is no longer used for pulling Vardos, but is still looked upon as a symbol of Power and strength among the Romany.

In the US. Gypsies are used for various disiplines… Such as pleasure riding, Parades, pulling a carriage, western pleasure, english, and even jumping! Gypsies make great children’s horses too… Their dispositions are very willing and gentle!!!!